Activities Jean Monnet Chair

The Centre works closely with the researchers involved in the teaching and research activities of the two Jean Monnet Chairs held by Prof. Monica Pratesi, Director of the Center (Small Area Methods for Monitoring of Poverty and Living conditions in EU – SAMPLEU ans Small Area methods for Multidimensional Poverty and living conditions Indicators in EU – SAMPIEU).

The Centre co-organized the Workshop “Small Area Methods and living conditions indicators in European poverty studies in the era of data deluge and Big data” (Pisa, 8-10 May 2018), the final event of the Jean Monnet Chair SAMPLEU (2015-2018).

Within the activities of the JM chair SAMPIEU, on 16 and 18 April 2019, the Center organized two seminars held by Professor Emeritus Prasada Rao (University of Queensland, School of Economics) entitled “PPP methodologies (ICP program) and their implications for the measurement of poverty, and inequality in health and income “