Emeritus Professor Prasada Rao – Recent Research related to the International Comparison Program (ICP) and its Implications

Pratesi et al. – Monetary poverty indicators at local level: evaluating the impact of different poverty thresholds and the cost of living (MAKSWELL Satellite event NTTS 2019)

Monica Pratesi – Estimation of income, consumptions and living conditions indicators at local area level by SAE methods: ideas for a possible project to do it for prefectures and counties in China

Luigi Biggeri, Monica Pratesi – Misure di povertà economica a livello locale e loro aggiustamento per il differente costo della vita

Monica Pratesi – La misura della povertà educativa (XIII Conferenza Nazionale di Statistica)

Gianni Betti (with F. Crescenzi, F. Gagliardi) – Can a neighbour region influence poverty? A fuzzy and longitudinal approach (SIS 2018)

G. Bertarelli (with S. Casacci, M. D’Alò, D. Ercolani, A. Guandalini, A. Fasulo, M. G. Ranalli, F. Solari) – Integration of socio-economic data for the estimation of indicators at municipal level (SIS 2018)

F. Schirripa Spagnolo, A. D’Agostino, N. Salvati: Poster “Studying the relationship between anxiety and school achievement using M-quantile random-effects regression with sampling weights” (SIS 2018)

Luca Secondi (with S. Capacci, I. Benedetti) – Dynamics in Price and Income Elasticities over 20 years in Italy (SIS 2018)

Stefano Marchetti (with Nicola Salvati) – Three-level M-quantile model for small area poverty mapping (SIS 2018)

Achille Lemmi (with L. Neri, F.M. Pulselli) – Evaluating sustainability through an input-state-output framework: the case of the Italian provinces (SIS 2018)

Lucio Masserini (with M. Bini)– Labour market condition in Italy during and after the financial crises: a segmented regression analysis approach of interrupted time series (SIS 2018)

Lucio Masserini (with A. Marletta, P. Mariani, L. Masserini, M. Zenga)– A Latent Class Conjoint Analysis for analysing graduates’ profiles (SIS 2018)

Caterina Giusti (with L. Biggeri, S. Marchetti, M. Pratesi) – Monetary poverty indicators at local level: evaluating the impact of different poverty thresholds (SIS 2018)

Francesca Gagliardi: “Measuring accuracy of poverty measures at small area level” – Final Workshop JM Chair SAMPLEU

Caterina Giusti: “Small area methods and big data sources” – Final Workshop JM Chair SAMPLEU

Daniela Ghio – Introduction Table 1: “Monitoring poverty at a local level: why is it important?” – Final Workshop JM Chair SAMPLEU

Vincenzo Mauro – Presentation Final Workshop JM Chair SAMPLEU

Vijay Verma: “Poverty: cross-sectional, multidimensional, longitudinal” – Final Workshop JM Chair SAMPLEU

Achille Lemmi Introduction Table 2: “Multidimensional poverty at a local level – how to synthetize the dimensions?” – Final Workshop JM Chair SAMPLEU