The Camilo Dagum /Tuscan Universities Research Centre – Camilo Dagum on  Advanced   Statistics for the Equitable and Sustainable Development – ASESD aims to:

  • promoting and fostering multidisciplinary cooperation in research and application of advanced statistical methods to the study of sustainable and equitable development;
  • providing a specific response to the will expressed by the Tuscany Region for supporting collaboration between universities, the integration between the research system and the production system as laid down in the Memorandum of Understanding between the “Ministry of Education”, the “University and Research and Tuscany Region”. All approved by Resolution No. GRT. 705 of 03-08-2012;
  • promoting applied research on issues that engage the testing of multi – interdisciplinary contributions;
  • acquiring international research assignments and also national, regional and local research assignments that allows scientific advances of interdisciplinary studies carried on by the Tuscan Universities;
  • organizing  national and international scientific events with  other bodies, institutions, companies and industries;
  • promoting agreements with national or international Research Centers or Institutes for Development, public or private organizations, companies and industries  operating in the sectors of interest.

Centre ASESD Camilo Dagum convention