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Achille Lemmi, University of Siena;

Monica Pratesi, University of Pisa;

Davide Fiaschi, University of Pisa,

Nicola Salvati, University of Pisa

Simone D’Alessandro, University of Pisa,

Giulio Ghellini, University of Siena,

Professor Gianni Betti, University of Siena;

Laura Neri, University of Siena

Tiziano Razzolini, University of Siena

Alessandra Petrucci, University of Florence

Filomena Maggino, University of Florence;

Marcello Galeotti, University of Florence;

Laura Grassini, University of Florence;

Barbara Pacini, University of Pisa,

Daniele Dalli University of Pisa,

Elisa Giuliani, University of Pisa;

Jacques Silber, Economic Department of Bar-Ilan University;

Simone Bastianoni, University of Siena,

Luca Secondi Uniersity of Tuscia,

Tiziana Laureti University of Tusca,

Antonella D’Agostino, Parthenope University, Napoli;

Silvana Salvini, University of Florence;

Daniele Vignoli, University of Florence;

Vijay Verma, University of Siena;

Luigi Biggeri, University of Florence;

Giampiero M.Gallo, University of Florence;

Caterina Giusti, University of Pisa,

Stefano Marchetti University of Pisa;

Lucio Masserini, University of Pisa

Daniela Ghio, JRC European Commission, Ispra Italy

Linda Porciani, Istat,

Luca Faustini, ,Istat;

Giovanni Riccardi, Agos, Milano;

Andrea Regoli, Parthenope University, Napoli

Andrea Giommi,

Carla Rampichini,

Elena Pirani,

e Valentina Tocchioni

Francesca Gagliardi per Unisi

Sara Poli,

Tommaso Luzzati, Univesity of Pisa

Davide Burgalassi, Univesity of Pisa

Jean Monnet Courses – University of Pisa

The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Pisa presents the Jean Monnet courses that will start in the second semester of the a.y. 2016/17, co-funded by the European Union in the Erasmus+ program and opened to all students, teachers and anyone else interested.
These courses promote active European citizenship and deal with the role of the EU in a globalized world, enhancing awareness of the Union and facilitating future engagement and people-to-people dialogue worldwide

Jean Monnet Chair “Small Area Methods for Monitoring of Poverty and Living conditions in EU (SAMPL-EU)” Prof. Monica Pratesi, Professor in Statistics, website:

Timetable of the Jean Monnet Course  “Analysis of European Data by Small Area Methods” (9 CFU):  

Monday 10:30, Room L2 – POLO PIAGGE – Via Matteotti, 3 Pisa

Thursday 14.00, Room MAC WIN – Via Ridolfi, 10 Pisa



23-27 March 2015 – EMOS Spring School

EMOS Spring School
23rd – 27th March 2015
Trier, Pisa, Manchester, Luxembourg

University of Pisa
Polo Piagge Via Matteotti, 3 Pisa
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